10 Tips for Yoga Instructors

It’s important that the worldwide Yoga community stick together right? It doesn’t matter where you come from in the world, when you branch out after a yoga teacher training course we generally all experience similar speed bumps on our long winding Yoga road. So, I’ve laid out 10 tips from personal experience in hopes that it may inspire/benefit your practice and/or your teachings.

  1. Before you even begin, know what road you are embarking on. In order to be a teacher one must have experience and knowledge. Nothing worse than getting out smarted by your students! Be sure you are ready before diving in.
  1. Always without fail take 10 -20 minutes prior to your class to centre yourself. Breathe and prepare your mind. Your students will feel your energy as you enter the space and be thankful you are clear and calm.
  1. Remember, your students will always be teaching you even when you least expect it, keep your eyes and mind open at all times.
  1. Teaching is an important responsibility. Lead by example and practice what you preach at all times. Be impeccable to your word.
  1. Never forget why you started in the first place and how it felt in your first few weeks. Especially when you have new students in your classes. There is so much to take in, be gentle.
  1. Focus on your own practice, all of it. Your breath, the food you consume, your actions, your words, and the people you associate with. Your students will unintentionally follow your every move, play your cards right and you’ll create a winning hand.
  1. Remember to feed your own practice/skill set. Go out and grow! Take peoples classes, experience all that you can. Both you and your students will truly benefit from it.
  1. Upon finishing teacher training courses try not to focus on quantity over quality of your students/classes. Take it one step at a time, persistence and patience will allow your classes to grow organically, don’t force it!
  1. Life isn’t so serious. Neither is Yoga. Take each class with a grain of salt, learn and experience and if you make mistakes? Own them and grow from them.
  1. Last but certainly not least give thanks wherever you are in the world, EVERY CLASS. The land you practice upon, yourself and you Guru’s who have guided you.